Spring Unsprung:Where’s the Well of Wonder?
Ginger Maddie Lizzie and the Map - SU
Released 27th February 2015
Chapter Spring Unsprung
Episode 6
Running Time 01:01
Previous Spring Unsprung:Spellbinding Spring Fashions
Next Spring Unsprung:Trading Places

Spring Unsprung:Where’s the Well of Wonder? is the sixth webisode and the third clip from the Spring Unsprung webisode selection.


The Well of Wonder may never stay on the same page for more then a few minutes, but Lizzie Hearts has an ever-changing map that will reveal its current location for Ginger Breadhouse.


Ginger Breadhouse: So, why do you need a map just to tell you where the Well of Wonder is?

Lizzie Hearts and Madeline Hatter: *laughing*

Ginger Breadhouse: *chuckles* What's so funny?

Madeline Hatter: The well, is connected to Wonderland, so it's, you know, kinda...

Ginger Breadhouse: Oh, Mad.

Lizzie Hearts: We prefer the term "wonderous".

Madeline Hatter: The well's never in the same place for more than a few minutes!

Lizzie Hearts: Lets see. Oh, there it is. That's where you'll find the Well of Wonder next.

Ginger Breadhouse: That is spelltacular! Wow!

Madeline Hatter: Just told you, the well never stays in one place very long. So go! *giggles*

Ginger Breadhouse: Ha-ha! It worked! All I need is an ounce. Huh? Okay...



Spring Unsprung Where’s the Well of Wonder? Ever After High™01:01

Spring Unsprung Where’s the Well of Wonder? Ever After High™

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