Sugar Coated
Sugar Coated - Ginger's ginger breadhouse
Released September 4 2015
Chapter 3
Episode 13
Running Time 3:23
Previous The Legacy Orchard
Next Fairest On Ice

Sugar Coated is the thirteenth webisode in the chapter 3 webisode selection.


Raven sends Maddie’s cooking class into total chaos after her spell to save the bake sale goes awry.


Female Narrator: Fall at Ever After High, and time for the cooking class's big fall bake sale!

Madeline Hatter: Treats and sweets! Step right up! All for a good cause! We're running out of gingerbread houses, but not running out of customers.

Ginger Breadhouse: Mmm!

Apple White: Isn't it perfect? I could watch cooking class all day. So clean, so efficient, oh! The perfect picture!

Madeline Hatter: We really need more- whooaah!

Raven Queen: Perfectly imperfect! That's more like it!

Apple White: This is for the yearbook! People would remember us like... this!

Raven Queen: Yeah! Interesting.

Madeline Hatter: *atchoo! a-a- atchoo!* The bake sale! They need more gingerbread upstairs! Right now!

Cedar Wood: But we only have one left!

Raven Queen: I have an idea! A duplication spell!

Apple White: How can we help without using Raven's magic? Uh, nothing personal, it's just not always, you know, um-

Madelaine Hatter: Aa, safe.

Raven Queen: Hey, I got this. O ou. Okay, um, I do not got this.

Ginger Breadhouse: We can not have disorder in the kitchen! If you are here, you are here to help!

Mob of students: Gingerbread! Gingerbread! Woohoo! Yeah!

Male narrator: It was the most successful fundraiser ever after.

Female narrator: But only the beginning of Raven and Apple's disagreements over the yearbook.



Sugar Coated Ever After High

Sugar Coated Ever After High

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