• The Dark Forest
  • Faybelle casting her spell
  • The girls at the entrance of the Dark Forest
  • Miss Muffet's Frozen Yoghurt Bar
  • Ginger Bread House in the Dark Forest
  • Students in front of the Ginger Bread House
  • Three Bears House
  • The girls in the Dark Forest on the way to Forest Fest

The Dark Forest is next to the Enchanted Forest at Ever After. It can be seen in the webisode Through The Woods where Faybelle Thorn switches the signs to entice the girls, Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy away from the Enchanted Forest where they are going to the Blue Moon Forest Festival. It is difficult to tell whether it is day or night in the forest as it is so dark.

Places in the Dark Forest


  • The Dark Forest is seen in the webisode Through The Woods when Faybelle Thorn switches the direction of the sign from the Enchanted Forest to the Dark Forest.
  • In Baking and Entering more of the forest is seen as the girls travel to find food.
  • In the webisode Date Night, Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy make a camp fire and try to think of other things in order to take their mind off not finding the Forest Fest.
  • Cerise Hood has a flash back in the webisode Driving Me Cuckoo when she explains to Cedar that she was just in the Dark Forest and overheard the Three Bears talking.