• The Lifairy
  • Inside the library
  • Evil-Step Librarians 'shushing'.
  • The Librarians desk in the distance
  • The large windows in the library
  • The Vault of Lost Tales, Part of the Library

The Library at Ever After High is also known as the Lifairy and is staffed by the Evil Step-Librarians. Below the library is The Vault of Lost Tales where Giles Grimm resides. The library has a Forbidden Book section that Dexter Charming had to re-catalog because the Evil Step-librarians are so wicked. It was in that section of the library that Dexter found the Book, The History of True Hearts Day which he gave to C.A. Cupid.


The Lifairy is a narrow room, eight stories high with a far wall that is just an enormous window. The library has trees like most places at Ever After High, but in between the tree columns at the Library there are endless bookshelves. Part of the library houses the Mirror Network mirror stations.


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