The Male Troll
The Male Troll - Here Comes Cupid

The Female Troll
The Female Troll - Here Comes Cupid

There are two Trolls at Ever After High. The river that separates Ever After High and the Village of Book End has a toll bridge over it and underneath a male troll can be seen.

As people step onto the bridge, the Troll asks, "Who dares to cross my bridge?". The automatic response for girls is, "an innocent girl with no ill intent". The replies comes as, "Leave the toll and be quick!". Coins are then left on the bridge post and the payees are free to cross.

It is unknown where the female troll resides.

There are other trolls at Ever After High and these are staff and students. One such troll works in he Castleteria.


The male troll seems very kind and friendly and even appears to be afraid of goats.

The female troll is looking for love and likes girly things, shoes being one of them. She has a deep gravelly voice.


The male troll wears a purple and dark red, handmade short top that exposes most of his tummy and dark purple, short trousers. He wears leafy tree vines around his arms and body. He has long untidy, dark grey hair and brown uneven teeth. He has green eyes and blue/grey skin.

The female troll wears a brown handmade top and brown handmade skirt. She has long, dark purple hair and brown/grey skin. Her eyes are brown and she wears small hoop earrings, red lipstick and has long eye lashes. She has uneven teeth.



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