There's No Business Like Snow Business
TNBLSB - Crystal making frosty fabelous
Released 23rd September 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 8
Running Time 03:18
Previous Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell
Next A Big Bad Secret!

There's No Business Like Snow Business is the eight webisode in the Chapter 4 webisodes selection.


A behind-the-scenes tour of a winter wonderland has Maddie and Apple in snow much trouble that they must turn to the princess of winter to help save the day.


Male Narrator: The Winter Palace; at the top of the world.

Female Narrator: Apple White and Madeline Hatter were on their way to learn all about winter. For a class assignment on the seasons.

Apple White: *Brrr* Maddie, what do we have so far for the report.

Madeline Hatter: *gulp* Winter is cold.

Male Narrator: When Ashlynn Ella found out that Apple and Maddie were researching winter, well, she insisted that they take a trip to meet her old Spellementary school friend...

Female Narrator: Crystal Winter.

Crystal Winter: Apple! Maddie! You're here!

Apple and Maddie: *shivering*

Crystal Winter: ...And you're freezing.

Apple White: *giggling* Wow!

Madeline Hatter: Ahhh!

Crystal Winter: You two look Frosty Fableous! Come on! I'll show you how we make winter. Forever after my family and the loyal subjects of our kingdom have been responsible for bringing winter to the land. Every snowflake is thoroughly inspected to insure that no two are alike. Jackie Frost and Northwind here are on inventory duty.

Jackie Frost: It's so enchantingly fun!

Northwind: Fun? I thought you said inventory was - ahh!

Crystal Winter: Now this way to the throne room.

Madeline Hatter: So, when you said this job was fun, were you being sarcastic?

Jackie Frost: Hex no! We love it!

Northwind: There's counting, there's snowflakes, you can't lose. Say, you don't wanna give a try, do you?

Madeline Hatter: You'd let me? Hat-tastic! Let's see, one, after one, one and two, teatime! Excuse me! Can we slow this down a scootle? Uh-oh, ah, ahh!

Northwind: I tell you, Jackie, you're as cold as ice.

Jackie and Northwind: Ahhh!

Snow King: Ha ha ha, well, it's very nice to make your acquaintance, too, Miss White.

Snow Queen: We're both big fans of your mother.

Apple White: Thank you, you majesties.

Madeline Hatter: *gasp* Spell-tacular! Now I get to do it all over again! One, after one, one and two...

Jackie Frost: *groan*



There's no business Like Snow Business Chapter 4 Ever After High03:19

There's no business Like Snow Business Chapter 4 Ever After High

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