• The new year doesn't start happily for us.

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    I can't say I'm surprised but still after Ramona's webisode I'm a bit surprised. But I can't say I haven't seen this coming. I think we all have seen this coming. I'm just sad how Mattel has ran the EAH down and ruined a thing that was so great.

    Sorry, I'm in my super sad mood now, don't really know what to say to this. Doesn't no webisodes mean no EAH anymore? (I looked for some old posts and there was reminder there still should be 6 books of EAH this year. Three from Selfors, parent's book and Apple's and Raven's diaries. I'm a bit confused. Will they officially pull the plug after the books? Will there be as many books even from Selfors? I really don't like this uncertainty!)

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    • Wait seriously?! There's really no more webisodes coming?! I really hope they at least continue the books :( This has put me in a really sad mood as well, how could they just bring EAH down? D:

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    • Now they have stopped publishing EAH magazine. :( 

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    • Aww :( it really looks like the franchise is going down D:

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    • Honestly I am not surprised. The way EAH has been going and the lack of attention Mattel seem to be giving it, is it any wonder it would start to fail? I think this is defiantly the end of EAH, or at least the beginning of THE END. Here's why...

      The webisodes have been on such a strange schedule lately and the next special should have been out next month judging from the past two years, (yet we have no trailer or even a name,) so I think it is safe to say Guru has 100% stopped making EAH, likely for good.

      For dolls, the latest wave should have been here by now but we have not even seen leaked images yet. I don't think many new dolls will be coming now, maybe one more line of originals at a stretch but I doubt it:(

      As for books... I suspect Mattel have a contract with Selfors to write three more books and the other three books are likely already written. After the books that will probably be it for EAH.

      I couldn't think of a gentle way to put those facts so I just left them as they are. EAH will probably be finished by the end of the year.

      I am slightly sad EAH will be gone but it has slowly been destroying my love for it as it went downhill. I am almost ready to say goodbye now to something that was once so amazing:') It's a downer but what can you do? It had a good run for what it was.

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    • Yeah EAH was great for a while, the concept of the children of fairy tale characters was always so cool, I guess all good things come to an end eventually :(

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    • Well, yes Guru has stopped making eah webisodes, but that doesn't mean another studio won't start making episodes. There is still lots of books and they are still playing comercials for their toys on TV, so I do not think Ever After High is done. And even if it is, the fandom still lives!! That's always been the best part of Ever After High anyway! <3

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    • I guess you're right :DD I have more hope now thanks XD

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    • I do hope another studio would take over EAH but as they have stopped dolls and magazine I'm not too hopeful. If it would be EAH reboot there would be even some news of them continuing. Now we have nothing. :S I'm really glad they do keep the commercials, we don't have them so I don't know about them. They have changed the banner in YouTube but not to one that would hint an end. They don't show new things there often anymore though.

      I'm sorry to be a downer but RoyallyRebellious is absolutely right that the fandom won't stop and that has been as great as the show was in the beginning! I'm loving my dolls still and keeping my blog. I want the world to see these beauties. And you all are as awesome as the day I met you. I guess I'm a bit afraid what will happen to this wikia if EAH will pull the plug. That I'd be here alone just posting pictures as I screencap the rest of webisodes. :D

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    • BTW, The three Selfors books are still sold on Amazon so I think they really do have her writing them. Which will be awesome as we will get more from Cerise, Dexter and Hopper! <3<3<3

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    • I just thought I'd reply to what Misluck said about what is going to happen to the wiki after EAH is over, (whether that happens tomorrow or in five years.) I was going to wait until Mattel officially announce the end but I might as well say it now. (And thank you for your kind words Misluck<3)

      When EAH comes to an end it is our opportunity to "finish" the wiki and get it to a place where we can say "Yep, job well done." But after that there are so many other things that we can do here. All the characters may have pages but we can come up with new pages, new ideas, new ways to display the information EAH has given us. And the Fandom will live on too. We can blog, chat, share, just like we do now. I will still be here after EAH is over, still doing things and talking and checking stuff over. I will probably spend more time on the Fan Corner too, and finish my OC's and call that wiki "done" too. No wiki is ever really finished, they are always growing in some way, even after "The End".

      I hope that explains some stuff and answers some questions you guys may have. I am truly honoured that all of you choose to come on this wiki, you are all better then the most amazing community I could have asked for! Thank you.

      -Captain Ivy<3

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    • I'm glad to hear that, and I'm definitely not leaving after EAH is over either :DD

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    • This is from Facebook; "A dangerous story is bubbling and almost all the Narrators are scared to tell it. Cracks in the World of Stories are spreading, and the ominous Shadow High is gaining power. Only one young, brave Narrator, Brooke Page, is ready to tell this tale.

      As the first cracks show, Frankie and Draculaura are accidentally transported to Ever After High, where they meet Raven Queen and Apple White. After the girls recover from the shock of learning that fairytales and monsters are real, they discover that the Evil Queen has escaped her mirror prison in search of the ultimate power, hidden in Shadow High. Frankie, Raven, Draculaura, Apple, and Brooke must stop the Evil Queen and save the World of Stories from the evil that lurks in Shadow High!

      The Monster High/Ever After High: 'The Legend of Shadow High' crossover book by Shannon Hale will be releasing on October 17, 2017!"

      So... no crossover movie and I think this will be for MH but it has to prolong the end of EAH too. Why tell EAH is ended and then include it in a story by Shannon Hale? I'm happy about this book but really confused by Mattel. They obviously has ended the show and new dolls but keep the books alive? I don't mind, I love books. It's just confusing. 

      Make up your mind Mattel and stop torturing the fans in insecurity!

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    • Lol, yeah.

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    • A bit light shone to the situation, notice this is a person writing what Mattel has announced. 

      ”Mattel just held a presentation about 2016 and all their brands. They removed MH out of their “core brands” portfolio and moved it to the “Toy Box”. Brands from the Toy Box usually have a lower budget and get less attention from Mattel. The reason for it is because Monster High’s sales kept declining after the reboot.

      Some people never understood why MH got a reboot in first place. Here’s the reason: MH didn’t sell half as much in 2015 as in 2012. That’s sad considering they had very little products out in 2012.

      Wanna know what the meaning of this is? The Monster High reboot didn’t help a thing. Their sales just kept declining last Fall. They invested so much into the comeback and didn’t even get more money. Meaning that MH (just like every other non-core Mattel brand) will die very soon. EAH is officially dead after 2017 and MH will soon follow. At least until Mattel has a new successful brand that replaces MH. Just like MH replaced My Scene in 2010.”

      Infos from muhabagci on Instagram

      So finally they have confirmed what we all knew. Every fan though the MH reboot was stupid, I don't know what has made Mattel think they could save it by it. And EAH would have been still a milking cow if they wouldn't have made everything budget and molded. What a shame a great thing is ruined by bad math. But I'm still having an Ever After High party tonight with my friends! We're looking the episodes and I introduce the dolls ^^

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