Thronecoming is Here!
The fairytales enter the Thronecoming dance.
Spellebration of Fairytale Heritage.
Other Festivals Legacy Day, True Hearts Day, Spring Fair-est.

Thronecoming is an event where all the fairytales gather together to vote on a Thronecoming King and Queen. There is float-building, a Bookball championship and the Thronecoming Dance where the Thronecoming King and Queen are crowned.

Heritage Hall, which only appears during Thronecoming, is dedicated to the parents, the alumni (former students) of the present students of Ever After High. These parents were given the chance to leave gifts for any of their children who might attend Ever After High and Heritage Hall is the place where the Thronecoming treasures are held.


  • During the run up to Thronecoming Raven Queen decides to sign the Storybook of Legends but on the day of Thronecoming, the Storybook of Legends on the podium turns out to be fake.
  • Ever After High play Beanstalk High at the Bookball Championship.

Treasures Left For Students

Blondie Lockes ~ Running Shoes.

Briar Beauty ~ Super-soft neck supporting pillow.

Cedar Wood ~ Revealer rays.

Cerise Hood ~ A picnic basket with an electronic Mirror Lock.

Holly O'Hair ~ Magic hair brush.

Poppy O'Hair ~ Magic hair brush.

Raven Queen ~ A coin, that was swapped with a wand.


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