Thronecoming Trailer
Thronecoming Milton Grimm
Released 14th October 2014
Chapter Two:Thronecoming
Episode 21
Running Time 01:23
Previous Kitty's Curious Tale
Next Previously On Ever After High... Thronecoming

The Thronecoming Trailer is one of the last webisodes in chapter 2 and the first webisode in the Thronecoming webisode selection. It is the first trailer to be released for a special.


Who will be crowned Thronecoming King and Queen? What happens when the Storybook of Legends goes missing?


Female Narrator: Welcome friends. We're telling the tale of a most special event. Thronecoming! Where a Thronecoming Queen and King will be crowned. Which one of the Thronecoming court will it be?

Apple White: Hey Raven. I've already voted online for Thronecoming Queen. And... I voted for you.

Crowds: *cheering*

Apple White: The best thing ever after has happened.

Raven Queen: I wanna sign the Storybook of Legends.

Milton Grimm: It will be the perfect time for you to sign your destiny.

raven Queen: My name is Raven Queen -

Cedar Wood: Raven! That's not the real Storybook of Legends. That's a fake!

Crowds: *gasping*

Raven Queen: Maddie! You have to help us find the real book.

Students: Woah.

Witches: *cackling*

Milton Grimm: I ask you again! Where did you hide the real Storybook of Legends?

Evil Queen: Wah ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.



Thronecoming Trailer Ever After High™01:23

Thronecoming Trailer Ever After High™

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