T-B! - Girls and the Jewel
Released 12th May 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 4
Running Time 3:03
Previous A Tale Of Two Parties
Next Piping Hot Beats

Thumb-Believable! is the fourth webisode in the Chapter 4 webisode selection.


A cancelled School Trip won't shrink Nina Thumbell's thirst for adventure! She's ready to show her friends a wildly fun side of Ever After High that they've never seen before.


Madeline Hatter: La, ti, da... oop! Why, tea and biscuits! Nina Thumbell! I almost stepped on you.

Nina Thumbell: T'yeah! Not even close! We can learn a lot from the little world right underfoot.

Madeline Hatter: Learning? Oh, we better skittle-a-daddle or we'll miss today's fairy field trip!

Nina Thumbell: I love exploring! Be right up! I'll race ya'!

Madeline Hatter: *laughs*

Nina Thumbell: So, what's going on?

Raven Queen: Fairy field trip's canceled.

Apple White: And I was so hexcited to see new places today.

Nina Thumbell: I so wish you could shrink down and see school the way I do.

Raven Queen: Looks like we get our field trip after all.

Apple White: Raven found one of her mom's magic charms that...

Apple White and Raven Queen: Shrinks you down if you touch it's gem!

Everyone: *laughs*

Nina Thumbell: Fun!

Madeline Hatter: Yay!

Everyone: Wow!

Apple White: It worked!

Nina Thumbell: Come on, follow me! Let me show you my Ever After High!

Everyone: *giggles*

Apple White: *gasp*

Raven Queen: Wow!

Madeline Hatter: Yay!

Everyone: *giggles*

Nina Thumbell: What a day!

Rosabella Beauty: Wait, how do we get back to normal?

Raven Queen: Just touch it a second time. Oops...

Madeline Hatter: How do we reach the charm?

Nina Thumbell: Not a prob, peeps! I can grow big or small whenever I- want... Of course! I got charmed too when I was big, so I can only get tinier.

Rascal: *hisses*

Everyone: *screams*

Nina Thumbell: Rascal!

Rascal: *meows*

Nina Thumbell: Perfect timing!

Rascal: *purrs*

Nina Thumbell: What? Oh, Rascal scared you! *giggles* I always carry cat treats for him. He loves it. Okay, Rascal. Go get the charm.

Rascal: *meow*

Everyone: *cheers*

Raven: This charm is to unpredictable. I'm tossing it.

Tiny: Ooh! This looks pretty.



Thumb-believable! Chapter 4 Ever After High03:06

Thumb-believable! Chapter 4 Ever After High

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