Top of the World is where the The Snow King, The Snow Queen and Crystal Winter lives in an ice castle located behind a big, ice gate. It appears in Epic Winter and holds the Rose of Winter. The castle is located above the clouds in the middle of large snow fields and has view of starry sky and northern lights.

The Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is a long hall with pillars on both sides and ends in big doors leading to the throne room.

The Throne Room

The throne room is a large hall where on a platform reached by a staircase and two slides is three thrones for The Snow King, The Snow Queen and Crystal. In front of the platform is a large area which can be transformed to ice hockey ring. On the sides of the hall there is seats.

The Balcony

The balcony is reached from the throne room and gives a view across the land.

Crystals Room

Crystals room is a large room where she has a king sized rounded bed with dropping ice decoration, a night table made from ice and an ice vanity table.

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