TriCastleOn - Apple Raven looking yearbook
Chapter Three
Episode 20
Running Time 3:21
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Tri-Castle-On is the final webisode in the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


It’ll take a marathon of a miracle for Apple and Raven get back to the Legacy Orchard in time to plant their class’s yearbook tree seed.


Apple White: Let's see some school spirit! Ah-aw!

Raven Queen: *yelling* Who's pumped for the Tri-Castle-On?

Students: *cheering loudly*

Cedar Wood: Your spirit outfits are the best of the best.

Apple White: Cedar, today we should focus on the true best of the best. Can you snap some pics for the very last chapter of our yearbook?

Female Narrator: The Tri-Castle-On is a the sporting event that ends the school year. Here we have track and shield.

Male Narrator: And after training hard all year, Cerise Hood takes the championship!

Students: *cheering more loudly*

Hunter Huntsman: *shoots an arrow on the bullseye*

Students: *clapping*

Female Narrator: Hunter Huntsman is a favorite on archery.

Students: *cheering and clapping*

Male narrator: Can't beat that. Best of the best.

Female Narrator: And the last event of the competition; hextreme croquet.

Students: *Cheer*

Apple White: I am so happy we decided that the yearbook should show the most perfect...

Raven Queen: and imperfect moments of the year.

Milton Grimm: Students! It's time to grow our Ever After annual yearbooks. Anyone who wants to witness the planting of this years e-corn, should hurry up to the Legacy Orchard.

Raven Queen: *laughs*

Milton Grimm: We conclude with the ceremonial planting of the e-corn. Traditionally planted at high noon. The e-corn, please.

Raven Queen: Apple?

Apple White: Raven?

Milton Grimm: Is there a problem?

Raven Queen: Nope!

Apple White: No problem!

Raven Queen and Apple White: Where's the e-corn? I thought you had it!

Apple White: Oh no! We left it on the bleachers!

Raven Queen: I have an idea!

Cedar Wood: Got it! * Gives the e-corn to Cerise who runs it to Hunter who shoots it to Lizzie who hits it to fly*

Milton Grimm: Don't tell me you girls lost it!

Apple White: It will be planted at the matter of moments.

Milton Grimm: Perfect.

Students: *cheer while the tree grows*

Raven Queen: I love it!

Apple White: What a great year!

Milton Grimm: Fine work, yearbook committee.

Apple White: We hope the future classes will love reading this yearbook as much as we loved making it.

Milton Grimm: Gather round, children. This yearbook was from a very special class, including the famous Apple White and Raven Queen.

Students: Ooh! Wow!



Tri-Castle-On Ever After High03:22

Tri-Castle-On Ever After High

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