True Hearts Day
Heart Tree Spring Blossoms - THDP1
Spring Blossoms on the Heart Tree
Spellebration of Following your true hearts desire.
Other Festivals Legacy Day, Thronecoming, Spring Fair-est.

True Hearts Day is a spring holiday celebrated at Ever After High that encourages everyone to follow their true hearts' desire, yet it hasn't been celebrated for many years. Dexter Charming found a book entitled, The History of True Hearts Day when he had to re-catalog the entire Forbidden Book section in The Library/Lifairy and he gave this book to C.A. Cupid. Cupid used the book to encourage all of the students to follow their true heart.

C.A. Cupid explains to the students what True Hearts Day was all about in the webisode, True Hearts Day Part 3 at the True Hearts Day secret dance. She explains: Once Upon a Time, there grew a very special tree: the Heart Tree. And even if the winter was harsh, and the other trees failed to bloom, the Heart Tree blossomed no matter what. And so, our fairytale ancestors gave the blossoms on True Hearts Day, to show that even though it's not always easy, true love will always find a way.

To encourage everyone to follow their true heart, at the secret dance Cupid had arranged for the fairies who pick the blossoms, to give a blossom to each of the students in order to give the blossom to another, to show their true hearts desire.


  • The Heart Tree is a solitary tree in the Enchanted Forest.
  • Apple gives her blossom to Ashlynn to show what was in her heart, that they "will always be friends, no matter what."
  • Ashlynn gives her blossom to Hunter, as her true heart tells her that he is her prince charming.
  • Milton Grimm is against the celebration as he believes it is dangerous, as some students might see it as a sign to break from their destinies.
  • Apple is worried about the students following their true hearts desire. She is afraid that the fairytale stories will be lost and wants the students to follow their destinies instead of their true hearts desire, but later changes her mind.


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