Epic Winter - Veronicub

Veronicub is a snow pixie in the movie Epic Winter. She protects the polar bears.


Veronicub is loyal and dependable. She loves playing and gathering together friends, which makes her the perfect party planner at the Ice Palace.


She has light pink hair consisting of bouncy curls that go down to just above her waist. Protruding from her head are large, white bear ears. She has black bear nose and two black paw print marks on her left cheek. Her eyes are a warm brown.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and there stories are based. Veronicub's setting is the Snow King's Ice Castle at The Top Of The World where she works. The Ice Castle is located above the clouds, behind a big, ice gate in the middle of large snow fields. There are amazing views of the starry sky and northern lights.


Nothing is known of her family yet.


Crystal Winter, and it's assumed she is friends with other snow pixies like Foxanne.