• The briefly opened Marsh Pit
  • Book End Card
  • Throne Furnishings store in Book End
  • The Glass Slipper in Book End
  • Book End Main Street

The Village of Book End, also sometimes referred to as simply Book End, is the downtown spot where students regularly go shopping and buy Hocus Lattes. Some students go to the Tower Hair Salon to get their hair done, or they help out Ashlynn Ella with her new shoes in The Glass Slipper shoe store. Additionally, Blondie Lockes mentioned about how Madeline Hatter's family owns a Tea Shoppe there.

Places in the Village Of Book End

Street Names

  • Main Street

Main Street has dozens of small buildings that are so close together that they resemble books on a book shelf. The stores are on the ground floor and the upper floors are apartments for residents. Main Street is bright and leads onto Cobblers Alley.

  • Cobblers Alley

Cobblers Alley is barely wide enough for two people to walk shoulder to shoulder and is in shadow, so street lights are used even in daytime. In an open space between buildings, there is a green park that has a gazebo, a small building/ornamental feature that provides shade, shelter and a place to rest.