Way Too Wonderland:A Time Of Wonder
Apple White Talking - WTW
Released 21st August 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 4
Running Time 01:40
Previous Way Too Wonderland
Next Way Too Wonderland:Raven's Magic

Way Too Wonderland:A Time Of Wonder is the fourth webisode and the first clip from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection.


Apple makes an announcement that delights all the Wonderland students at Ever After High, until Faybelle reminds them of the Evil Queen’s curse on the on Wonderland.


Apple White: Krhm. Hexcuse me!

Tiny: My ears!

Daring Charming: My hair!

Apple White: Hexcuse me, as editor of Griffin, our beloved school paper, I am pleased to announce I am doing a special feature. And the theme is... a time of wonder! It will feature stories about Wonderland and all the students from Wonderland who are here now.

Faybelle Thorn: I think Apple's idea is awesome!

Apple White: Thanks, Faybelle! Wait, wh... you do?

Faybelle Thorn: Sure, 'cause it'll give you a chance to rehash how these Blanderland brats got stuck here in the first place! Thanks to Raven's mom, the Evil Queen!

Evil Queen: Mwahahaha....

Daring Charming: Again!

Cedar Wood: I cannot tell a lie, that lady scares the (?) out of me.

Three Billy Goats: Maaaa!

Raven Queen: Hey, that's not fair! It's not my mom's fault that Wonderland is sealed off from Ever After! I mean, okay, maybe she poisoned Wonderland's magic, and sure, because of her the Wonderland is even topsy turvier than ever and yeah, thanks to her the Queen of Hearts is a total whacko screwball! Ops.

Lizzie Hearts: Ooh.

Faybelle Thorn: Hello! Raven like, just totally insulted your mom!



A Time Of Wonder Ever After High01:40

A Time Of Wonder Ever After High

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