Way Too Wonderland:Fishlosophy 101
Maddie, Briar, Raven - WYW
Released 28th August 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 8
Running Time 01:28
Previous Way Too Wonderland:The Wonderlicous Dance Off
Next Way Too Wonderland:Spellbinding Maddie

Way Too Wonderland:Fishlosophy 101 is the eighth webisode and the fifth clip from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection.


The girls takes their first class in Wonderland High and learns going through classes is harder than it looks.


White Rabbit: I'm late! Here is your class! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Briar Beauty: He's kinda high-strong isn't he?

Raven Queen: Yeah, and, ahem, how is this our class?

Madeline Hatter: Silly! You just take your brush and paint a happy little door! There.

Raven Queen: So all we have to do is make it through one day of school? That doesn't seem so hard.

Madeline Hatter: Harder than you think.

Briar Beauty: Seriously? Is this what it's gonna be like all day long? I don't think this dress is designed for parkour.

Teacher: Ahem. Welcome to fishlosophy 101. Take a seat.

Apple White: Oh, uh, yes, sir. This looks like a good spot.

Desk: Ow, hey! Don't sit on me! What do I look like? A desk?

Apple White: Oh! Oh my gosh, sorry. That desk just spoke!

Chair: Get off from me! What do I look like? A chair?

Table: Ow! Hey watch where you're going! Does personal space mean nothing to you people?

Tables and chairs: What's with these exchange students? They think they can do what ever they want! Why (?)?

Coat hanger: How dare you?



Fishlosophy 101 Ever After High01:28

Fishlosophy 101 Ever After High

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