Way Too Wonderland:Meet Courtly Jester
Raven Courtly and Lizzie - WTW
Released 18th September 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 10
Running Time 02:03
Previous Way Too Wonderland:Spellbinding Maddie
Next Courtly Pleads Her Case

Way Too Wonderland:Meet Courtly Jester is the tenth webisode and the seventh clip from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection.


The girls get to know the Wonderland High castleteria as well as Courtly Jester.


Apple White: Thank you!

Hammer: Care for some mashed potatoes?

Apple White: Aa... No thanks.

Kitty Cheshire: Oo! Yummy!

Mashed potatoes: What are you looking at?

Raven Queen: Apple! Apple!

Apple White: Oh, There they are.

Raven Queen: Hey, this vinegar and oyster surprise isn't half bad.

Oysters: That's the surprise. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Madeline Hatter: You should really eat up. We still have half the day ahead of us.

Briar Beauty: If the second half is like the first half it should be pretty easy.

Courtly Jester: Haha, there they are. I'll take that thank you.

Hedgehog: What ever you say!

Raven Queen: I was actually worried at first. I mean, that red knight guy was so tight! But now, I don't know, it seems like this place just does it's own thing! I kinda like that.

Lizzie Hearts: Yes, well, I wouldn't count on liking it all the time.

Kitty Cheshire: Yeah, things in Wonderland have a way of getting tricky.

Apple White: Well if they get too tricky, we'll just figure them out! Every puzzle has a solution.

Courtly Jester: Oh, what a clever way to put it. Mind if I take a seat? Kitty! Madeline! It is such a treat to see you two back in Wonderland.

Lizzie Hearts: Everyone, meet Courtly Jester. You might say she's a real wild card around these parts.

Courtly Jester: Oh, why, it's little Lizzie Hearts! You know, I didn't even notice you sitting there, right next to me.

Lizzie Hearts: This is your future queen you're talking to!

Courtly Jester: Oh, are you now?



Meet Courtly Jester Ever After High02:03

Meet Courtly Jester Ever After High

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