Way Too Wonderland:Spellbinding Maddie
Maddie and her dad - WTW
Released 4th September 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 9
Running Time 00:16
Previous Way Too Wonderland:Fishlosophy 101
Next Way Too Wonderland:Meet Courtly Jester.

Way Too Wonderland:Spellbinding Maddie is the ninth webisode and the sixth clip from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection.


Maddie reaches new heights in Wonderland!


Maddie: I just got taller! Yay!

Maddie: Poof! Daddy!

The Mad Hatter: Maddie!


  • When Maddie eats and turns bigger her Wonderlandian outfit turns into her signature outfit.



This webisode is only viewable on the Official Website .

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