Way Too Wonderland:The Wonderlicous Dance Off
Dance off party - WTW
Released 28th August 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 7
Running Time 01:20
Previous Way Too Wonderland:Down The Rabbit Hole
Next Way Too Wonderland:Fishlosophy 101

Way Too Wonderland:The Wonderlicous Dance Off is the seventh webisode and the fourth clip from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection.


It's the White Knight versus the Red Knight in a wonderlicious dance off. Who will win and will these fairytale friends pass on to the next chapter in their adventure?


Red Tower: Oh! Brilliant move by the white queen! Drop the beat yo!

Madeline Hatter: Yeah!

Chase Redford: Oh, dancing? That's not what I've trained for.

Raven Queen: That's what I'm counting on! Use your imagination! Come on guys, chessboard is for chess pieces but everyone's welcome on the dance floor!

Madeline Hatter: Wohoo!

White Knight: Let's see what you got.

Chase Redford: You can do this, Chase.

White Knight: Pft, please.

Chase Redford: Ouch! Ugh. Really? Come on. One, two. I'm doing it! I'm do- who, whoa!

Red Tower: The Red Knight has fallen! You pass!



The Wonderlicious Dance Off Ever After High01:30

The Wonderlicious Dance Off Ever After High

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