Way Too Wonderland Trailer
Way Too Wonderland Girls - WTW
Released 7th August 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 2
Running Time 02:01
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The Way Too Wonderland Trailer is the official trailer for the Netflix special Way Too Wonderland.


The most epic adventure event of the year is a journey to Wonderland, a place where nothing is what it seems. A curse has divided Ever After High from Wonderland for years, and with a plot against the Queen of Hearts and a twist of fate that shows the students the way, these fairytale friends must become the hero of their own story.


The White Rabbit: There is a plot against the Queen of Hearts!

Lizzie Hearts: If my mother is in danger-

Alistair Darling: Don't worry Lizzie, we'll figure out a way to help her.

Raven Queen: There's got to be some way.

Bunny Blanc: But how if we can't even get back to Wonderland?

Male Narrator: For years a curse has divided Ever After High from Wonderland-

Madeline Hatter: If we know the can reverse it!

Male Narrator: -until a magical twist of fate-

Students: Whoa *screams*

Male Narrator: -showed them the way.

Kitty Cheshire: It looks like we're in-

Students: Wonderland! *giggles* *gasps*

The White Rabbit: Excuse me! Clear the way! I am very late, I can't delay!

Raven Queen: What beautiful silver archways.

Lizzie Hearts: Yes! It appears we've come to...a fork in the road!

Male Narrator: And in a place-

Kitty Cheshire: *gasps*

Male Narrator: -where nothing is what it seems!

Raven Queen: This vinegar and oyster surprise isn't half bad!

Oysters: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Hammer Head Canteen Assistant: Care for some mashed potatoes?

Kitty Cheshire: Ooh yummy!

Smashed Potatoes: Swadda you looking at?

Raven Queen: Is high school in Wonderland always this weird?

Kitty Cheshire: Seems pretty normal to me.

Apple White: Lizzie's mom is in danger.

Courtly Jester: That sounds simply dreadful. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Apple White: You can help us!

Courtly Jester: What a shame school isn't over yet.

Raven Queen: You've gotta let us go. Please! Have a heart.

Diamond Card Guard: Can't have a heart, I'm diamonds!

Students: *gasps* whoa!

Male Narrator: These fairytale friends-

Briar Beauty: I am ready to roll!

The Red Queen: Attack!

The White Knight: Not while I still stand.

Male Narrator: -must become the hero's-

Students: *giggles*

Male Narrator: -of their own story!

Raven Queen: This battle has now become....a dance off!

The White Knight: What!?

Male Narrator: This Fall-

Court DJ: Drop the beat yo!

Students: Yeah! Woo Hoo! Yay! *giggles*

Male Narrator: -the most epic adventure event of the year-

Daring Charming: You only live once-upon-a-time.

Male Narrator: -is a journey through Wonderland!

Madeline Hater: It's as if you almost want the plan to overthrow her mother to succeed!

Courtly Jester: You don't say!

Madeline Hatter: It could be...Off with her head!

Male Narrator: Ever After High, Way Too Wonderland, only on Netflix.



Way Too Wonderland Official Trailer Ever After High

Way Too Wonderland Official Trailer Ever After High