What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?
Courtly Jester - WTICFCJ
Released 11th December
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 12
Running Time 3:22
Previous Courtly Pleads Her Case
Next Ginger In The BreadHOUSE

What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester? is the twelfth webisode from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection. It includes the results of both the "Free Courtly Jester" and "Choose Courtly's Story" online votes.


You chose her story, now watch Courtly Jester’s Ever After High journey unfold!


Courtly Jester: Thank you fairy much for voting, everyone! You've dealt me, Courtly Jester, a whole new hand by sending me to Ever After High! Not only you did release me from Wonderland Prison which-let me tell you is not so wonderlandiful, but thanks to your choices I now have my own story. *Giggling* I had the best time getting to explore the Village of Book End and all of its spelltacular boutiques, cafes and more-oh! My favorite hangout so far is the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe, for a nice cup of Wonderland rosebud tea. Mm! Poppy O'Hair helps me keep up my Wonderland style at the Tower Hair Salon. And, as you all know, I love diving into people's other stories; so the Multi-hex Theatre is perfect! As you know, in Wonderland, school was one day a year-trust me, that was more than enough! *Giggling*-but, at Ever After High, I'm so glad that to be here everyday! I'm trying new classes like Princessology - who wouldn't want to rule one day? Crownculus - all this practice counting cards paid off, General Villainy - old habits die hard, I guess? Heh. So far, that class this joker is most suited for. *She giggles and whispers* I might have even an eye on a storybook romance with...Alistair Wonderland. Ugh, I've liked him since forever after.

Duchess Swan: Come on Courtly. We'll be late late for your favorite hextra cirrucular activity - hextreme croquet. Since you're from Wonderland, you're a natural.

Courly Jester: Ooh, looks like I better count the deck. Time to go! Thanks to your choices, my wildcard days are behind me, and I have a new story ahead. So far, life at Ever After High is like a, well, it's like a fairytale!



What’s the in Cards for Courtly Jester? Ever After High02:37

What’s the in Cards for Courtly Jester? Ever After High

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