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Five Wonderlandians

The Wonderlandians of Ever After High are the group of characters who come from Wonderland. Raven Queen's mother, the Evil Queen, caused chaos around the place, wanting to take over. However, Lizzie Hearts' mother, the Queen of Hearts, stood against this as the Evil Queen took over Briar Beauty's future fairytale and kingdom.

There are some Wonderlandians still trapped in Wonderland but some Wonderland residents currently take refuge in the school and around Ever After as it was impossible to return to Wonderland until Raven removed the curse.

Even though it is one of the visitable realms, it is was shut off from the school's portals and doorways. But fellow Wonderlandians are able to open the doorway to Wonderland Grove, the only part of Wonderland left to enter, by drawing a symbol of their future. Madeline Hatter has shown this by drawing a top hat on a tall bush.


Alistair Wonderland - He is the son of the main protagonist of the entire story.

Bunny Blanc - Bunny is to lead Alistair to Wonderland.

Cari Pillar - Cari's job is to escort Alistair around Wonderland.

Chase Redford - The son of the Red Queen and a red knight. He looks after the Wonderland High students that they attend the school.

Cheshire Cat - The Cheshire Cat very likely got stuck in Wonderland when The Evil Queen invaded it.

Courtly Jester - The daughter of the Joker Card. She is appear in Way Too Wonderland.

Kitty Cheshire - Kitty's future is to guide Alistair throughout Wonderland and to Madeline. It is unknown why she is not ready to take it on.

Lizzie Hearts - As the future Queen of Wonderland, Lizzie was the most disappointed out of the Wonderlandians of what would become of her future kingdom.

Madeline Hatter - Although she is best friends with the daughter of the Evil Queen, Madeline believes in Raven and is ready to take on her destiny.

The Mad Hatter - He lived in Wonderland with his daughter Maddie before The Evil Queen's take over and he now resides in Ever After, running the Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe.

Queen of Hearts - She resides in Wonderland and together with the White Queen, she is one of the two queens of Wonderland.

Red Queen - The Red Queen is the Queen of the Red Chess pieces and the adoptive mother of Chase Redford.

White Queen - The actual White Queen of Wonderland has taken a position in the Ever After High staff department.

White Rabbit - The White Rabbit is Bunny's father. He works at Wonderland High and at the court of the Queen of Hearts.

All of these roles are unable to be filled due to the destruction that The Evil Queen has caused. The current residents are recovering from the damage. And also after the events of Way Too Wonderland, the roles are starting to the proper characters after the curse is broken.

Gallery of Wonderlandians

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